“Prince Andrew’s” Decision to Step Down From Royal Duties!!!

Prince Andrew takes a step back from his Royal Duties. The 59-year-old announced that he would not be taking over the royal duties “ for the foreseeable future” there are a few rumors that the Queen herself forced prince Andrew to withdraw due to Epstein Scandal, but sources say that it was his choice to leave.

“My sources at Buckingham Palace are insisting that it was the duke’s decision and that the statement reflects that,” Nicholl tells ET. “He says in that, that he decides to step down with the queen’s approval. … Reading between the lines, it is my understanding that Andrew understood he had to go. It was made very clear to him in that meeting between him and the queen that he had no choice but to step down from royal duties”.

"Prince Andrew's" Decision to Step Down From Royal Duties!!!

“It must have been incredibly hard for the queen, his mother – Andrew is widely regarded to be her favorite son – but she recognized that there was a huge amount of damage being done to the monarchy,” she continues. “He had no option, the queen had no option, but for Andrew to step back from royal duties.”

It is also clarified that the Prince is still a part of the Royal family and can be seen as insignificant events. Nicholl notes that although the scandal is hard for Queen Elizabeth, she is used to settling the monarchy before her personal feelings.

“The queen put on an incredibly brave face last night after leaving that meeting with Prince Andrew and telling him effectively that he had to step down,” She says. “It is business as usual for the queen. What you have to remember is the queen has always put duty before self … for the queen, it is upwards and onwards. For the queen, the most important thing is the unity of the monarchy. The reason that she and Prince Charles knew that Andrew had no alternative but to step down was to preserve the integrity of the monarchy.”