New Black holes are born in our Galaxy !!!

At least for one time in our lifetime, we would have come across the concepts of ‘Black Holes.’ The black hole is a region in the universe where the gravitational acceleration so strong. This concept lays as the base of Einstein’s Relativity theorem. The study of black holes has always fascinated Astrophysicists and keeps them intrigued.

The concept of black holes has led to the development of several enthralling theories. One such theory suggests that this explosion can cause the birth of a new Black Hole.

New Black holes are born in our Galaxy !!!

A new study is being carried out in the Monthly Notices at the Royal Astronomical Society. It suggests that not only Black Holes are born due to a massive star’s disintegration (SuperNova) but inevitable explosions so huge that they tend to move across the Galaxy. These powerful eruptions travel at speed greater than 70 kilometers per second (roughly around  252,000 mph).

source:- Daily Express

Many brilliant minds all over from the world have opened up and shared their opinions on this situation. Picky Atri of Curtin University and the International Centre for Radio AstAbout WordPressronomy Research (ICRAR) stated: “This work talks about the first observational evidence that you can see black holes moving with high velocities in the galaxy and associate it to the kick the black hole system received at birth.”


Well, to summarize this in a sentence,  millions of mass Black Holes surrounds our Galaxy roaming at high speed.

The behavior of these Black holes is under observation. This observatory study is useful reconstructing the black hole’s history.

Atri added, “We tracked how these systems were moving in our galaxy – so, figured out their velocities today, moved back in time, and tried to understand what the velocity was of the system when it was born, individually for each of these 16 systems,”.

We know that the Milky Way is home to at least 10 million black holes. An estimation of 7.5 million black holes could be circling at high speeds in our Galaxy.

Milky Way is home to at least 10 million black holes that we know of – so an estimated 7.5 million black holes could be spinning and zooming at high speeds in our galaxy.