Earthquake shakes San Francisco Bay Area, a lot of damage done

A colossal earthquake shakes the San Francisco Bay Area in the USA. The quake is so powerful with a magnitude of 4.5

The U.S Geological Survey says that weak shakings were felt in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Based on the reports, Scientists say they don’t expect any significant structural damage.

According to the news report by The Los Angelas Times, moderate tremble appears around 10.33 pm on Monday.  Its epicenter is in the Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek areas.

When did this incident happen?

With further investigations being executed, USGS geologist Keith Knudsen speaks to Time about the depths. Keith is also the deputy director of the agency’s Earthquake Science Center. He says that the earthquake is of a preliminary depth of about 9 miles beneath the surface.

The disaster seems to have occurred at 11 pm on Monday, according to Assistant Chief Chris Bachman of the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District. Fortunately, the chief tweets that no injuries or property damage were reported.

USGS geophysicist Amy Vaughan says that a shake like this is very unusual. Officials assure that there is no threat of any Tsunami striking.

Based on reports, another earthquake occurs in the same area minutes. Shockingly, before the more massive quake, another 2.5-magnitude earthquake takes place.  The National Weather Service tweets that they were not able to feel the tremor at their office in Monterey.

What the victim says??

A victim named Maryanna Boddari of San Ramon, a city in the epicenter’s area said that she felt intense tremors.

She says, “It felt like my house was being torn down.”  “I’ve felt earthquakes before, but this was intense,” she further adds.

Boddari shares her experience and says that tremor lasted for around 30 seconds to a minute and knocked over a lamp in her home.