The interesting story behind Stranger Things that everyone Missed: Read here to Find Out

Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein compose the Stranger Things theme song. The song which won an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Theme Music has a fun story behind it. Duffer Brothers, the creators of Stranger Things, first approached Dixon and Stein in 2015 after watching the film The Guest. The film featured songs composed by the duos music band SURVIVE.

SURVIVE was created in 2009 in Texas and is an electronic band. It produced synth heavy horror music. These were produced through analog synths and drum machines. The group band became gained immense fame after they composed The Stranger Things theme song. The duo had quit their job to make music for the series after being asked by the creators of Stranger Things. They had taken up the full-time job to produce music for the entire show.

The interesting story behind STRANGER THINGS theme song

They had composed many songs for their band in the past. The duo provided the Duffers with a bunch of different soundtracks from their group. These songs were sent for experimentation and were later labeled as “sketches” by the Duffer brothers. While going through these sketches, Duffers became very interested in one them titled “Prophecy.” Dixon and Stein were asked to develop this song further as the production team thought it had a high potential of being a good opening song.

The interesting story behind STRANGER THINGS theme song

Multiple versions of the song were produced. After a few modifications, finally, 30 seconds, 45 seconds and 1-minute tracks were being worked on. It was the 1-minute track that made it into the show. In total, they had produced 14 hours of music for the show in an entire year. Post the release of the show’s first season, the duo and the song received a lot of appreciation.