Ozark Season 3: Julia Garner may become a Byrde with Jason Bateman in the next season

The two times Golden Globe-nominated crime drama has been renewed. Season 3 of Ozark is confirmed to be back for a 10-episode 3rd season. Expected to be debuted later this year, it is returning with the same, three times Oscar-nominated Laura Linney (Wendy) and Jason Bateman (Marty). Bateman himself has directed the episodes in Season 3 and is the executive producer. Jason’s tweet gave a glimpse on how dark could this season go!

“I am happy for me, but concerned for Marty – It’s official OZARK 3 is on it’s way”

Daily Express

It was pretty evident that the brilliant casts will be back with a bang! In the interview with Hollywood Reporter in August, showrunner Chris Mundy informed about Ruth Langmore (played by Julia Garner), who would wonder and try getting closer to the Byrdes, as she get more and more involved with the enterprise. Showrunners confirmed the involvement of Wendy’s brothers, who had been hinted of having some mental illness, as the Byrdes couple struggles through the power dynamic. This season will twirl around Marty, sliding deeper into the darkness. But that’s not it! The drastic change is the gearing up of Wendy by taking charge of her family. Dwelling through the morality and other issues alongside, Wendy decided to stay and fight for her family, instead of leaving Ozark! The chilling comment from Wendy in the last episode of Season 2 depicted her having a sheer political mind.

“Always better be the one holding the gun than be running from the gunman”

Daily Express.

She has already shown her capabilities by exercising her political experience in all means possible to get back the Casino! They also got their hands dirtier to save themselves as well. The involvement of Marty Bride and his family with the criminal enterprise in Season 2 is a clear indication of a darker picture of the Season 3! Only time can say how dark will it get!