With the Atlanta child murders, the Mindhunter jumps into the most disputative case yet.

The Netflix original Mindhunter is back with its second season with the new psychotic bag full of accurate crime analysis. David Fincher created series shifts its story to the most infamous case of Atlanta child murders. The story revolves around the figures like  Charles Manson, Dennis Rader (known as the BTK killer), David Berkowitz (i.e., the Son of Sam), and Wayne Williams, the murderers of Atlanta child murder case.

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What was the Atlanta child murder case?

The period between 1979 and 1981 is known as the Terror period in Atlanta city. In this period, approximately 29 black adults, teenagers, and children were murdered. A two dozen teenagers were killed in the Atlanta murder case, and this case is known as the most disputative case in Atlanta history. After a lengthy investigation murderer, Wayne Williams was suspected by the police of the killings in 1981. But many people still wonder whether he is the real culprit or is there someone else who is still living freely.

Recently in 2018 a hit podcast the Atlanta Monster covers this notorious case, the host Payne Lindsey tries to cover all the details and conducted many interviews with the detectives, locals, and relatives of victims, among many others. In 1985, a well-known writer James Baldwin also wrote about the killings in his none fictional book The Evidence of Things Not Seen.

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