Will the identity of Dillon’s Father remains a mystery in All American season 2.

The Second Installment of “All American” has dropped, and one of the biggest cliffhangers of the season is Dillon’s father’s identity. The real confusion of the season started when the show revealed that Grace James had an affair with Coach Billy Baker, and her husband Corey James decides to find out whether Dillon is her real son or not.

Hussle and Motivate titled the first episode of the season shows a tough conversation between Corey and Grace about paternity of Dillon. “Time’s up, so I want an answer to my question,”¬†Corey started the conversation and asked Grace was is she avoiding him to which Grace replied, “I haven’t been avoiding you,”¬†and soon Spencer James interrupted them.

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Later Corey finally got some alone time to ask the answer to his question. Grace replied that “The truth is I don’t know. At first, I was too scared even to ask the question, but you left anyway.” And Grace snaps back and continues his answer “You punish yourself by leaving the boys for eight years. So you don’t get to walk in here and question who is the father. They are mine.”

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The episode ends with a change in Corey’s heart. Grace told Corey to have a paternity test as she replied, ” Everyone has a right to know the truth; I love Dillon as my Son… It’s right to stop making children pay for adult’s mistakes” this dialogue gives us a hint that the writer is going to take a lot of time to reveal that who is Dillon’s real father.

But fans are eagerly waiting to know that who is the birth father of Dillon. The writer of the show is getting a lot of Messages to understand who is Dillon’s birth father. But fans have to wait for a little bit as because as the season progresses, we will get answers to our common question. The second episode of this series will be out on The CW on Monday, October 14.