“Wheel Of Fortune” host “Pat Sajak” needs an Emergency Surgery!!

When the same person hosts a show for two decades, something was bound to happen. Pat Sajak hosted the last 35 years of the wheel of fortune with his Co hostess, who saved the day and the show. Sajak is now to undergo an emergency surgery Sajak was photographed on Monday, appearing to be excellent as he celebrated his friend’s Harry Friedman’s birthday.

The official handle of Wheel of fortune tweeted, “Our taping on Thursday was canceled because host Pat Sajak underwent successful emergency surgery to correct a blocked intestine,” they also reassured that he is resting. It will be back to work soon. There was a photo on the board that read, “Get well soon, Pat.” Due to this tragedy, Vanna White held the mic.

"Wheel Of Fortune" Has to be Hosted By Vanna White As Need Of Emergency Surgery !!!

The show started to tape episodes weeks in advanced pat’s absence is not expected to air. The episodes that white hosted will air on Dec 9th. It’s a few photos that are realized by the production, which shows Minnie mouse, Mickey Mouse, and other Disney characters.
Sajak is said to be a Guinness World Record holder for the longest career as a game show host. For the show wheel of fortune!

The 73-year-old has been hosting this show since 1981, later accompanied by the 62-year-old cohostess Vanna. She joined the show in 1982. The duo has been hosting syndicated versions of wheel of fortune for more than 7,000 episodes. White had hosted without pat once in 1996 when he had laryngitis.

"Wheel Of Fortune" Has to be Hosted By Vanna White As Need Of Emergency Surgery !!!

They both share a strong friendship, Vanna once revealed that they have only one argument in 36 years and it was over putting ketchup on a hotdog while pat prefers only mustard on his hotdog
Merv Griffin created the show in 1975. With Chuck and Susan now replaced by Pat and Vanna.