What! Debt Of Over £7 Million Killed The Prodigy Superstar Keith Flint.

Keith Flint who took his own life in March, at the age of 49 was haunted by whopping debts of over £7 million.

It was revealed today that the Firestarter singer and the Prodigy legend was under debts that haunted his life. The Probate Office revealed that though the singer had built up an estate worth £11.6 million, he also owed a debt of £7 million.

Keith had announced his death in advance!

The prodigy star had openly admitted to FHM in 2015:  “I’m not saving for anything. I’m cashing it all now.” He further added, “I’ve always had this thing inside me that, when I’m done, I’ll kill myself.” Though some might have thought of it as a joke the musician indeed meant it.

What! Debt Of Over £7 Million Killed The Prodigy Superstar Keith Flint.
Prodigy star Keith Flint

 The Prodigy star wasn’t truly ready to die.

Flint had put out his mansion worth £1.5 million that ‘he loved’ before his death. A month after his final performance, emergency services were called to help Mr. Flint out. The Probate Office figures reveal that Flint’s wealth cut to £4.3million after settling his debts and his pub company was losing cash.

The Firestarter singer was battling with depression. It was only after splitting with his Japanese wife Mayumi that he put his Essex mansion up for sale.

Accident or suicide?

Keith was under the influence of alcohol and had taken cocaine and codeine when he was found hanged in his mansion. However, it could not be found out whether the substances may have impaired his thinking. Flint had claimed that he had left drugs after meeting his wife Mayumi. But after his death at 49, it was revealed that the couple had already split.

Police had confirmed that no other person was involved. The band founder Liam Howlett said: ‘I’m shell shocked, angry, confused and heartbroken… rip brother.’

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