“This is Us” star “Justin Hartley” having family Problems after DIVORCING “Chrishell Stause” but

Good news, ladies!! Justin Hartley is single again and all set to start looking for his lobster. The this is us actor split from wife Chrishell Stause after five years of commitment The couple apparently separated July 8, 2019, after five total years together. The actors kept their split very low-key.

The couple’s unhappiness was such a secret that even their friends didn’t have a clue about this. The split of the lovers certainly left fans devastated.
“Very sad, hope it is quick and painless for both of them, he was just on tv like last month saying how great she was,” one fan Tweeted.
“Sad to hear the news, they had a big beautiful wedding too. Good luck to both of them,” another said.
Others posted in disbelief, saying, “They were posting how much in love they were like last week I’m in shock. Damn, we love you, Justin! #thisisus”
And the reactions don’t get any easier. “I am heartbroken. I am sorry and shocked,” one supportive fan posted.

"This is Us" star "Justin Hartley" having family Problems after DIVORCING "Chrishell Stause" but
Why it wasn’t easy to figure out:
“Well #ThisIsUs didn’t take home the trophy, but I am taking him home, so it looks like I am the big winner tonight! I now also win the cheesy caption award if there is an award for the that-double winner! (Sorry guys, they serve alcohol here,” Stause said in her Instagram account.

On Oct. 5, 2019, the couple attended the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic and looked happy.
Towards the end of October (the 25th), Hartley’s daughter, Isabella, and Stause showed support for Hartley when he hosted The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Stause took her Instagram to let her followers know. She captioned the photo: “Did you guys watch @justinhartley host @theellenshow today?? Ellen, you were missed, so we decided to take a group shot with you anyway!”
To which Hartley commented, “My beauties.”

Four days later, they dressed up again, joining Chris Sullivan and Lauren Ash at the HFPA and The Hollywood Reporter’s Celebration of the 2020 Golden Globe Ambassadors event. Anf finally, only (barely) a week later, Hartley filed for divorce on Nov. 22, 2019, which was uncalled for. Well, it’s understandable that they probably will remain friends.