The MCU doesn’t need Spider-man and Spider-man don’t need the MCU, why it happened?

All the fans out there who have grown up watching their beloved Marvel-Sony character Spider-Man is now going to be out of all the movies which are directly connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The future of the “Spider-Man” franchise after Disney and Sony Pictures failed to reach a co-financing deal on upcoming superhero films is not to be going anywhere, according to a report from Deadline.


According to an inside person who is connected to the dealing committee have told the website that the Spider-Man can be an out of the world for the Marvel Storyline.
The person is not allowed to share any more details nor their identity, but it is all set to confirm that the news might be accurate. Disney, Marvel Studios and Sony first met to a conclusion for the deal back in February 2015.

According to the LA Times report, Sony was disappointed by its latest Spider-Man outing (Andrew Garfield’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2), so executives Michael Lynton and Amy Pascal reached out to Marvel to strike a five-movie deal.

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Feige would oversee the creative direction and be able to use Spidey in the MCU, and Marvel would get a tiny portion of first-dollar gross on any solo Spider-Man films. Sony, meanwhile, would entirely finance the movie and be in charge of casting. Marvel characters like Iron Man would show up to boost the star power, but Sony would not get any profits from Spidey’s appearances in any MCU films. It was a delicate compromise, but for the most part, it worked.
It is also rumored that more three stand-alone movies of Spider-Man are in the production line starring Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

The main trouble came when the five-movie contract ended. During negotiations, Disney asked to change the deal so that it co-finances all future Spider-Man films 50/50 and receives more profits than the current 5%; Disney also reportedly requested that this be extended to all the other films, like the upcoming Venom 2 and Morbius.
We don’t know what is going to happen in the upcoming years with the character, but we can conclude that our neighborhood Spider-Man is really out of the connection of the Avengers.

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