Suits Season 9 Episode 1 Revealed, but are Fans liking it? is it up to it?

USA Network has confirmed that suits final season 9 has been released, But now the Craze is Down? Are Fans Liking it?

Suits is an American legal drama TV series produced by Universal Cable Productions. It is created and written by Aaron Korsh.

Season 9
It had completed it’s eight seasons, and now it is confirmed by the USA Network that it’s season 9 will be released soon.

Season 9 will be the final season of the series. It will consist of a total of ten episodes.

The cast of season 9

Gabriel Macht will return as Harvey Specter, and Rick Hoffman will again turn up as Louis Litt.
Sarah Rafferty will return as Donna Paulsen and Duke Hill will play Alex Williams.
Katherine Heigl who appeared in the show in the eighth season will also return as Samantha Wheeler who is the newest partner at Specter Litt.

It is rumored from a long time that Meghan Markle who left the show in the seventh season can join the Suits in season 9 as Rachel Zane.

The USA will pack up the Suits series with this season 9.

Season 8 overview

Mike Ross and Rachel got married, and then they left the firm. After that, Robert Zane becomes the new Managing Partner of Zane Specter Litt.
And Donna becomes the COO of the firm because she helps the firm effectively for many years.

Robert then hires Samantha Wheeler as his new senior partner who is his right hand and fixer in the show.

Later on, Wheeler becomes a name partner of Alex Williams, and Louis gets to know that Sheila is pregnant.

In the last Donna and Harvey admitted their feelings for one another and Season 8 then it ends.

At The Start of This Season’s Episode, Lets See how their Love Story Paves their Way. 🙂