Spiderman star Tom Holland posts pics with Robert Downey Jr. saying “We did it Mr. Stark” was it about MCU?

All the fans out there who have grown up watching their beloved Marvel-Sony character Spider-Man is now going to be out of all the movies which are directly connected to Marvel Cinematic Universe.

One day ago, Tom Holland posted a picture of himself with none other than Robert Downey Jr. quoting himself in the caption by, “We did it, Mr. Stark.” It was a nod from the epic line of his character Peter Parker said to Tony Stark a.k. A Robert Downey Jr. after all of the disruptions came to an end.

Robert Downey Jr. has not given any attachments regarding the Disney and Sony’s decision and neither something has heard from his team.
This was a method of Tom Holland to show his displeasure towards the agreement of Disney/Sony/Marvel.

Source: digitalspy.com

Tom Holland also unfollowed Sony’s official page after spending the day with Robert.
The future of the “Spider-Man” franchise after Disney and Sony Pictures failed to reach a co-financing deal on upcoming superhero films is not to be going anywhere, according to a report from Deadline.
The social media is also firing up into the sky after hearing the sad news instance from all over the place.

If you haven’t heard the Ryan Reynolds story, it was one such hilarious yet shocking and sad moment too. Different emotions were carried with it.
After hearing from the chaos, a heart-broken fan tweeted his sad feelings and got them into the attention of Spider-Man star Tom Holland and Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds.

As every Marvel Fan would think to do, he too thought about it and pleaded to bring the Spider-Man and Deadpool into the Marvel Universe before it’s too late. “Can we get a Spiderman & Deadpool movie now @VancityReynolds and @TomHolland1996,” Twitter user Angel Hernandez wrote in a tweet that earned nearly 30,000 likes and 3,000 retweets.
The scene became quite popular over the social platform.

We don’t know what is going to happen in the upcoming years with the character, but we can conclude that our neighborhood Spider-Man is really out of the connection of the Avengers.