Robert Sheehan & Ellen Page set to return with Umbrella Academy Season 2 in 2020

Appearing from nowhere in 2019 and ending with a cliffhanger, the first season of the Umbrella Academy left us with the kids traveling back in the past alongside many unknown truths.

The Umbrella Academy is based on the book series of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba of the same name. Its audience is absolutely huge. The cast started filming season 2 in June 2019, so it’s been expected to release in early 2020. No big announcement has been made, apart from its production and shooting to start in summer this year in Toronto. However, cast members might have provided us something to pick up on. Ellen page spoke about exploring her character Vanya, while Robert Sheehan talked about the reformation of his character Klaus from cocoon to a butterfly. It is being expected to shed light on where the kids went, and in which year did they go.

Episode 2.01: Right back where we started
Episode 2.02: The Frankel Footage
Episode 2.03: The Swedish Job
Episode 2.04: The Majestic 12
Episode 2.05: Valhalla

With the title of the first episode, there are theories that suggest the story will be set 8 days prior to the apocalypse. In the previous series, since the kids failed to stop the apocalypse, they will have to deal with their sister Vanya who caused it in the first place. Can Vanya wield her powers, keeping her inner demons in control?
Since the series is deviating from the comics, it is difficult to say if and how Alison’s (Emmy Raver-Lampman) lost powers will be restored! Klaus’s summoning power can only be traversed if he can commit being sober. Is it just the brotherly bond with Ben (Ethan Hwang) that accounts for the same?

Evidently, Sir Reginald’s (Colm Feore) parenting has had an extremely negative impact on the seven Hargreeves children. How would the identity of their adoptive father affect them! Would it heal them or make things worse?

Time Bureau’s existence even after Number Five(Aidan Gallagher) wreaked havoc at HQ will bring on further challenges for Hargreeves kids.
Season 2 might clear up the particular mysteries on the unspoken words of Sir Reginald to Klaus, and the union between Alison and Luther will come to fruition. Let’s see how the superhuman series stream back with new twists and turns!

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