Robert Downey Jr. is back in the MCU, with new character?

Robert Downey Jr. is back with the Iconic role of ‘Tony Stark’ a.k.a ‘Iron Man.’ The legend and the God Father of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can reprise his character back in the upcoming ‘Black Widow’s standalone movie.

At the D23 Disney Expo, Levin Fiege announced a complete list of the movies and TV Series that are going to take a significant role in the Phase-4. And Black Widow is the first movie in the Phase-4 list. According to the sources, Black Widow is set after the events of Captain America: Civil War but before the Avengers: Infinity war. This makes it a prequel rather than a continuity of the events that happened in the Avengers: Endgame.


The movie is going to star Scarlett Johansson in the same back role as Black Widow, David Harbour as the Russian version of Captain America, Red Guardian, Rachel Weisz, and Florence Pugh as other agents. A character named ‘Taskmaster’ who is a formidable enemy who has the power that allows him to observe and copy any person’s fighting style quickly.

During Marvel’s Hall H panel at Comic-Con, a clip was shown to the appearances of Tony warning Natasha “They are coming for you,” from Captain America: Civil War. This may or may not suggest the plot that Black Widow is on the run from the United Nations after the happenings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.
When Natasha helped Steve Rogers to get away from the Airport Fight, Tony didn’t take it as seriously as the fans did. Now we have to see what this may turn into the new movie.