Gunfire in Philadelphia

Six Philadelphia police officers were shot during the deadlock with a gunman and some officers got injured they all were sent to Temple University Hospital on Wednesday afternoon.


The police officers were trying to serve a narcotics warrant entered a raw house in the Nicetown-Tioga. When the police officers joined in the kitchen area to capture the suspect, a man fired multiple bullets which forced the officers to escape behind the cars, and this is how shooting begins.


Authorities said the suspect that was later identified by police commissioner as Maurice hill, 36 who had a tremendous criminal history in records was surrendered himself after the break less shooting of 7-8 hours.

Officers got trapped inside the house. Two other officers were also got stuck on the second floor with three prisoners, and the gunman was on the ground floor inside the house when the shooting took place.

Source:- BBC

Later the police Sgt. Eric Gripp said that both the officers were safely evacuated from the house. Officers were negotiating with the gunman and imploring him to surrender.

Sgt. Eric Gripp said that there had been no officer who is nearer to death all the officers were safe now, and the suspect is successfully encountered.

Authorities had to use tear gas to get the suspect out of the house, the police chief said. And because tear gas still wafting in the air Thursday morning, investigators haven’t been able to go inside the home.

“It was the culmination of the hard work and mindfulness of the SWAT TEAM that this volatile situation could be saturated after 8-hour standoff”, as stated by the Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross.


Ross identified the suspect as Maurice Hill. The police chief praised an attorney who had worked with Hill for helping end the standoff.

Johnson told that he is Hill’s former attorney and that he received a call from Hill at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday while he was watching the drama unfold on TV.

Johnson said the suspect told him he needed help. “That is why to prevent such worse condition, and it was the best part to surrender now.”