Paul Walker’s daughter bosoms Vin Diesel’s girl in a heartwarming picture.

Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker shared an adorable picture with Vin Diesel’s daughter Hanina Sinclair on her Instagram account. It looks like they both shares the same kind of bond as Vin and Paul shares.

credits: pinkvilla

Scrolling down the Instagram feed and giving heart to photos has become a part of our life. And there we found one post, where we skip a heartbeat, and we found ourselves getting a tad emotional to that post. Just like those posts, Paul Walker’s daughter took to her official Instagram account to share a picture that left our hearts warm and passionate. The star kid posted an adorable picture with Vin Diesel’s daughter Hanina Sinclair, a few days ago she also posted a heartwarming photo of her late father.

The post-Meadow Walker shared with Vin’s 11-year-old girl Hanina Sinclair clearly shows the type of bond and friendship they shares. The photo sees Meadow embracing Hanina while hiding half her face behind Vin’s daughter.¬†While Hanina was seen flashing her cute smile for the camera.

credits: pinkvilla

Meadow captioned this adorable picture with “with my Angel” this reveals that how close they to each other, just as their fathers. Every fat and furious fan showered there love in the comment section. One fan commented, “Like in the old days- Brian&Dom, now- Meadow&Vin’s daughter., others said how beautiful is this omg,.”

A few days ago, Meadow shared a heartwarming picture of her late father Paul walker with a cute farm Pig that made every fan emotional