Officer who shot an unarmed Black Guy can face a life imprisonment

Amber Guyger, an Ex-Dallas Police Officer, is the Guilty of Murder for killing her neighbor.
Ms. Guyger killed Botham Jean, who was unarmed at the moment of the incident. The happening happened in his apartment but on a different floor from Ms. Guyger. Now she is rumored to face imprisonment of 99 years.

The incident took place last year, and it is quite unusual as heard in the first place. Ms. Guyger came home from her work one night and believing she had found an intruder inside her apartment, and she shot the person standing next to her. The prosecutors have also surfaced some text messages that were sent by Amber. The text seemed very offensive and all against the black race community. Joking about the Martin Luther King Jr.’s death and mocking her black colleagues and discusses a dog that her friend warns that may be considered as racist, were all present in the text messages.


The incident happened on the 6th of September 2018. Now the prosecutors are going to get their hands on Guyger’s texts and her most of the social media posts and her disciplinary record as a police officer. This is going to proceed with them very harshly on the case of Ms. Guyger. The jury will decide her sentence, and it is also can be the case without the possibility of a probation period.

Jean was a 26-year-old accountant who had immigrated to the United States from St. Lucia. Her close ones were his mother and her sister. They both have been not the same since the incident, and both of the individuals are trying to cop-up with the day to day activities.


His mother, Allison Jean broke down when the trial was going on. “My life has not been the same. It has just been like a roller coaster. I cannot sleep; I cannot eat. It’s just been the most terrible time for me. I almost am not able to work, but I try to busy myself to see if it will get out of my head. But it’s been very, very, very difficult,” she stated. The next hearing will be taking place on Wednesday.