Mexican musical icon Jose Jose dies at age 71, reason behind his death?

Mexican Ministry of Culture said Jose Jose Mexican musical icon for more than half-century has died at the age of 71.

“From the Ministry of Culture, we are sorry for the passing of singer José Rómulo Sosa, better known as José José of the prince of the song. From the beginning of his career,e has delivered many hit songs, and he was one of the most respected voice in Mexico. Mexican Ministry of culture tweeted.

The Mexican icon, a Spanish language singer, songwriter, actor who changed his name from José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz to Jose Jose has been fighting pancreatic cancer and had been hospitalized multiple times in recent years.

His wife Sara Salazar and his children Sarita Sosa, José Joel and Marisol helped him the most in surviving the battle, and they motivated him the most.


In June the singer called by fans and colleagues “El Príncipe de la canción” (Prince of Song),  tweeted that for battling his cancer he was undergoing therapy and thanked every fan for the support.

He ruled the Mexican music industry for more than half a century. He delivered many hit songs like  “La Nave del Olvido,” “40 y 20,” “Gavilán o Paloma” and “El Triste, ” in his long career.

Mexican singer was somewhere destined to enter the music world as he has music in genes as his father was a tenor for the Mexico National Opera and his mother was a professional pianist.

He started his career in singing jazz and bossa nova but jumped to fame in 1970 when he sang “El Triste” at the Festival de la Canción Latina. In the Grammy, the singer got nominated for about six times for the category of best Latin pop performance.

In the year 2017, the singer announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. Last year, rumors on his fragile health spread when he was hospitalized in Miami, just months after Telemundo network aired a biopic series based on his life.