‘Lil Wayne’ is USING!!! ‘Johnny Depp’s CASE!!! against his lawyer, Suing him for $20 million

Madness had been heard before and apparently struck out again between the rapper and music artist, Lil Wayne and his lawyer, Ronald Sweeney. Their stories of taking each other head-on had been on the headlines for two years now. The rockstar, Wayne, accused of his ex-lawyer of overcharging beyond normal industry standards, and they appear to be back to the legal ring to play the match against each other! He has decided to sue Sweeney, seeking $20 million dollars in his damage.

Lil Dwayne has got an added advantage due to the hidden suspension of his lawyer’s practicing license. Wayne had been kept in the dark about this strong legal issue. He believes this point would definitely add to his advantage. Legal people working against the system would be of greater weight on his behalf.

Lil Wayne

Wayne’s motion reads,
“Sweeney is pursuing Plaintiff for millions of dollars in additional fees under the voided agreement. But that pursuit is doomed. A California court, in a factually similar and widely-publicized dispute between Johnny Depp and the law firm that represented him since 1999 under an oral contingency fee agreement, has already ruled that once the oral agreement is voided, the attorney’s claim is limited to a reasonable fee under quantum meruit. The court did not find that Depp’s claims expired because he waited too long, which Defendants argue here.”


The rapper is hoping Depp’s win in court will convince the judge in his case as well. With these, Lil Wayne is taking a leap against his lawyer, Ronald Sweeney again, and this time he is using the pirate, Johnny Depp’s $30 million suits against the former lawyer to buttress his own point and make his case. Wayne points to a recent victory Johnny Depp scored in court.

Recently, Depp was able to convince a judge the oral contract he had with his lawyer was invalid. He has high hopes that if Johnny’s motion stands out instead of being dismissed on claims that it was too late to file the suit, then the money that his former lawyer is demanding should be ruled by the court as non-payable. Updates are yet to come, so stay in touch!