Laura Dern slams Bradley Cooper dating rumors, says ‘We’re friends’

Laura Dern dismissed all the rumors in the air on her dating Bradley Cooper, on September 14. At Los Angeles, Golden Globe Award winner took time to set the records straight, talking about the amazing friendship with Bradley. She talked about her admiration for Cooper, as a person, as well. No surprise came her way when curiosity stepped into their dating situation. In fact, Dern completely understands people being interested in his dating status. Laura told Us Weekly on Saturday.

“We’re amazing friends. We’re so lucky. And we’re family. I mean, everybody’s always gonna comment about whatever seems intriguing, and he’s the greatest human and one of my best friends in the world. So I don’t blame anyone for having deep curiosity about his life ’cause he’s spectacular.”

She praised the Grammy Winner, Cooper for his spectacular personality and reverted back the fact on them being great friends. The rumors were reported when Laura and Bradley were sighted having lunch back in June, post his break up with Irina Shayk.

Laura clearly explained that grabbing lunch together not necessarily mean that they are dating. Friends hang out and are there for each other when required. People began to think otherwise when celebs are sighted out together. Dating rumors aren’t just exhausting to be followed up, but really troublesome for the stars themselves.

Laura Dern may have willingly stepped back after getting to know about the hit list that has been tied to Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie and the legendary Vogue editor Anna Wintour were on the dating records of Bradley Cooper.

source-Vanity Fair

Nevertheless, everyone is curious about whom Bradley Cooper is gonna end up dating since his split from his ex-girlfriend Irina Shayk, including his mother. It’s better to wait and watch than jumping into conclusions, based on mere circulating stories!