“Justin Bieber” Demote “Popeyes'” Chicken Sandwich, says “NOT WORTH THE HYPE”

The singer, songwriter, revealed to his followers on Thursday in his Instagram handle that the chicken sandwich in Popeyes was not worth the hype. Justin Bieber kept his followers updated with a series of Instagram stories on Thursday, November 7.

The sandwich which the singer didn’t seem to enjoy Consists of buttermilk fried chicken, pickles, and a spicy Cajun spread on a brioche bun. The singer first posted a story of the three unopened sandwiches captioned “I gotta see what all this hype is about.” Which later, after tasting the lunch, he followed up with another story, captioned, “it’s good but not worth the hype.”

"Justin Bieber" Demote "Popeyes'" Chicken Sandwich, says "NOT WORTH THE HYPE"

The then however posted another tale with a tall cup of sweet tea from Popeyes, which was ‘bangin though in his opinion. Everyone mostly shares Justin’s eagerness to try the Popeyes. Initially, the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich sold out in just two weeks, which led to chaos in the locality.

And now the singer and critic? didn’t get what the hype was about(his bad tastes are seen in an array of situations let alone this), despite the singer’s negative comment towards the chicken sandwich in Popeyes, customers are still flooding at Popeyes for its chicken sandwich

The initial debut of Popeyes was in August. Reports say that the customer’s visit to Popeyes on its re-launch surpassed the original start. It earned its popularity by social media posts, viral videos, and random people tasting it.

Many celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion have praised popeyes According to US Weekly, Cardi B went out of her to taste this sandwich and know for herself what all the buzz was about. Eating and displaying her sassy moves on her Instagram. This shop has been getting attention from many celebrities, which made it even more popular, some locations have started to limit their number of purchases for a customer.