Is there is any chance of seeing Robert Downey again as Iron Man in MCU?

With the end of the 3rd phrase of Marvel cinematic universe, Robert Downey Jr. on screen Ironman retired the superhero avatar in Avengers: Endgame. But according to a report, there is a possibility to see Robert again in the Iron Man suit for a Disney plus series.

Avengers: Endgame’s ending left every MCU fan in tears, seeing our favorite superhero sacrificing his life to save the earth was one of the most heartbreaking moment. In the last few seconds of the battle, we saw how Ironman takes over the six Infinity Stones and snaps the gauntlet to defeat the most powerful villain in the history. He beat the bad guy, but he has to sacrifice his life to save much other life’s. It was an emotional swan song for the beloved superhero who kickstarted the marvel cinematic universe journey with Jon Favreau’s Iron Man (2008).


While every thought that it is the end of Iron man and Robert has to say goodbye to MCU. But fans found hope in a report which suggests that we may see Robert returning to MCU. But this time, not physically more like vocally. From a report by We Got This Covered Marvel Universe is coming with an exclusive Disney plus series on Ironheart, which may include RDJ’s active involvement! This time it is the Jr. Stark 15 years old Riri Williams is the one who carries the legacy of Iron Man in Marvel Comics. Riri is the iron heart now. This time Robert is going to be the voice of iron heart just like the Jarvis.

credits: comic book

Interestingly, at a recent gala, Robert was introduced on stage by Ironheart writer Eve Ewing before the actor confessed that he would love to see Ironheart in MCU’s next phase.