Hickman Brings Back The Marvel’s Most Dangerous Mutant Of X-Men Ever!!!

X-men have decided on bringing back Marvel’s most dangerous omega level mutant. Their power is considered to have no bound.

In the comic

By the end of the House of X#1, writer Jonathan Hickman decided on the island of Krakoa to be the mutant nation. The mutant nation has opened its door for every mutant on the planet, even to the super villains. There, Charles Xavier uses a cloning machine to bring back mutants who were killed from the past few years.

The Excalibur#1 reveals that X-men have decided on bringing back another supervillain to the island. Jamie Braddock, the omega level brother of Betsy Braddock and Captain Britain.

Hickman Brings Back The Marvel's Most Dangerous Mutant Ever!!!


Jamie is currently considered as the most powerful mutant as he appears to manipulate reality itself. He can alter reality to such an extent that he can even bring the dead back to living. Initially, the powers affected localized areas only. But in time, his skills grew enough to alter an entire planet.

Besides Jamie Braddock, Magneto, Iceman, Elixir, Jean Grey, Legion, Proteus, Mister M, Storm, Exodus, Quentin Quire, Franklin Richards, Vulcan and Hope Summers are the known Omega level mutants according to House of X relaunch.

About Jamie Braddock

Hickman Brings Back The Marvel's Most Dangerous Mutant Ever!!!


Unlike other mutants, whose powers discloses at puberty or even younger, Jamie’s power remained hidden till his adulthood. His strengths emerged as a result of constant mental strain. Jamie alters reality by twisting quantum strings. His muscles are limited only to his imagination.

However, the resurrection of Jamie Braddock is considered unwise by many.

The drawback is that the more mental stress he is under, the more unstable he becomes, which can prove dangerous, or the more he works with his powers, the more he loses his grip on reality.