Here’s how Captain vs Captain fight was shot in Avengers Endgame, twist behind it

The biggest blockbuster of 2019 Summer or you can say that the biggest blockbuster of all time. The large Marvel cinematic universe crossover Avengers: Endgame, a highest-grossing movie all time. Praisers and critics were short of a word to praise visual effects and story of this blockbuster movie. In summary, you can say that Russo the Russo Bros.’ three-hour epic is a pretty good/satisfying movie to boot, and that’s not anything.

This epic movie was packed with some scenes that can surely give you goosebumps, and one of them was the captain America vs. Captain America hand to hand battle. The story was the Captain was traveling back in time to 2012 to retrieve the mind stone Infinity Stones that would later help Avengers to reverse the snap of Thanos. When the Captain was returning to present from the Stark Tower, the current Cap came face to face with his own 2012 self, 2012 Captain America thought that he is Loki who has escaped.


Everyone was just stunned after seeing that scene, so increase more excitement Marvel has released a video that features the visual effects supervisor Dan DeLeeuw, who reveals the Magic secret to construct that scene. DeLeeuw said that “One of the way we shoot the fight with two stunt performers and then kind of run the battle with them. And then you’ll bring Chris Evans in, and you’ll pull his side of the fight. But in this case, we shot both sides. We shot with two stunt doubles, and Chris would come in and play the vital team.

credits: Indian Express

DeLeeuw revealed that except that glass bridge on the two captains were fighting, the entire scene was shot in a studio. The whole scene was created using a giant green and with the help of some computer software. We have to accolade the Experts who have chiseled every detail so beautifully.

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