“Fresh Off The Boat” Aired By ABC Comedy Ends The Series After Season 6!!!

As per the latest news reports, the show “Fresh off the Boat” by ABC comedy has been wrapped up after completing six seasons.

The Asian American family comedy led by Randall Park and Constance Wu shall be completed with an hour-long finale set to air on Feb 21, 2020. Having a current total of 107 episodes, we shall not be seeing the entertaining Huang Family in our houses post-February, 2020.

"Fresh Off The Boat" Aired By ABC Comedy Ends The Series After Season 6!!!
The cast of the show “Fresh off the Boat.”

Showing the world how cultural differences between a couple can create hilarious moments for the entire family, this sit-com started in 2015. Karey Burke, president of ABC Entertainment, stated, “We couldn’t be prouder of this game-changing show and the impact it has had on our cultural landscape.” 

Although the makers were pleased, Constance Wu, the female lead, had expressed her unwillingness to continue with the show when it announced its sixth season. The primary reason was the contractual terms and commitments that they had to abide by for the show by not moving to other projects. The internet is going bonkers with memes and tweets about how excited she might be with the announcement. She has also moved on with another show, “Hustlers,” coming up.

The series presented Huangs, A Taiwanese-American family settled in Florida with Louis and Jessica played by Randall and Wu, their three children a grandmother. Keeping Eddie Huang, played by Hudson Yang, as the critical character, the show was loved by the Asians settled in America. But, it did see a dip in its ratings as it progressed to its fifth season.

For those of you who got disheartened with this news, something is exciting coming up to keep the game on. It is expected that an episode of the sixth season shall be filmed in November, introducing characters of another series on the same lines. Titled as “Magic Motor Inn,” the string shall have an Indian family with Preity Zinta as the mother, Meena, whose daughter goes to the same school as Eddie Huang. This show shall be under the banner of 20th Century Fox. *Excitement levels: Infinite!*