Find out what Robert Downey Jr. says about playing Tony Stark in MCU.

Name of Robert Downey Jr. has now been added to the Disney legends Hall of fame. The said playing the role of Tony Stark was one of the greatest gifts he had ever received.

Legendary actor Robert Downey Jr. Who portrait the role of Iron Man in the Marvel cinematic universe made a roaring entry at the D23 Expo in California on Friday. Roberto Downey Jr. has added one more honor to his name as his name is added to the Disney Legends Hall of Fame during the Disney legend awards ceremony. The fans welcomed Robert on the stage with loud cheers. Portraying the role of Iron Man aka Tony Stark has been one of the greatest gifts he had ever received, Robert said during the event.


The crowd was loudly cheering and chanting the famous line from the Avengers: Endgame film “we love you 3000”. By signaling back to the fans with a gesture which says 3000, Robert expressed his gratitude. He said the amount of love and appreciation fans has given to him is just heartwarming to see. The actor shared his experience from his first trip to Disneyland.


The fans were so delighted to hear the actor’s knowledge. Robert shared some of his experience while playing Iron Man. The actor also mentioned how he felt so special to be a part of such a grand event, and to be a part of the MCU was a brilliant experience. The actor also spoke about the role he played, which helped him understand the importance of technology.