Cobie Smulders tries a dark side in her latest show ‘Stumptown’.

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Stumptown follows the story for an Afghanistan war veteran who later turns into a private investigator.

A drama produced by the gritty and adapted from Greg Rucka’s graphical novel series. The show revolves around the dark world of Dex Parios, a former Marine military intelligence officer, battling with PTSD. She spent ten years of her life with disabilities and gambling.

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Cobie Smulders says that “She’s very much up for whatever the night presents.” Cobie Smulders who is known for her role in CBS comedy’s long-running show “How I Met Your Mother.” Smulders says she has no idea how the fans are going to react on her role of Dex whose self-destructive behavior stems from an explosion that killed the man she loved. In an interview at Beverly Hilton Hotel, she said that “Time has passed and she’s still picking up the pieces, ”

Rucka said that he mixed many TV dudes like “Magnum P.I.,” “Simon and Simon” and “The Rockford Files” — and Rockford (James Garner),  which gave him a proper mix of sarcasm and charm that gave me him the perfect fit for his role. Dex butts heads with local police officials played here by Camryn Mannheim and Michael Ealy and made criminals sorry they went afoul of the law, to begin with.

Smulders revealed that she has always been a big fan of BBC America’s “Killing Eye” and is very happy to find a role in her favorite place. On this opportunity, she said that “It used to be that a couple of notes are played in each character, and that’s their box and their personality,”