Bathwater seller girl Belle Delphine revealed she was arrested.

Belle Delphine, the gamer girl famous for her selling her bathing water with some of her thirsty followers and having a pornhub account, finally revealed that she was arrested.

Delphine has been quiet this summer because her Instagram account was disabled for “nude photographs,” she revealed that she is going to start a new account soon. But according to Dexerto reports¬†that Delphine’s Patreon followers are displeased with her lack of content and accused the influencer of scamming them. On August 5, Delphine revealed that she was hospitalized because of food poisoning during¬† Greece vacation. She said her inactivity is because of her health issues.

credits: Mashable

A YouTuber, Ethan Klein, brought some light on his new theory that says that Delphine was arrested for shipping her bathing water to her followers.

“Shipping bathwater is illegal in this country,” said Ethan Klein, “so all of a sudden US government was like what the hell are you selling you can’t sell bathing water, you can’t sell your urine it is illegal in our country.”

Online stores claim to sell Delphine’s Jared urine and are utterly fake store and the other stores which were own by gamer girl Delphine where she sells her bath water is also offline now. Delphine also emerged from her social media hiatus on the Monday with an apparent mugshot. She also posted a photo of herself with a messy hair and also smudged mascara on the Twitter. It includes a watermark from Metropolitan Police in London.


But a thing to notice that The metropolitan police’s watermark doesn’t add the watermark in Delphine’s tweet. Police haven’t responded to her post. It’s possible that Delphine saw the conspiracy theory that she had been arrested, and is now playing along with the joke.

According to some followers, Delphine is trying to get some limelight, and it’s her other trick to get back in the spotlight.


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