Avengers Endgame: Director Joe Russo wants Wolverine to fight this MCU character.

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Avengers Endgame co-director Joe Russo know that how to create excitement he is not ready any opportunity to tease MCU fans. In a recent session, Russo shared that he wants to see a fight between X-men and a particular MCU character.

Marvel fans are eagerly waiting to hear an announcement about the X-men in the 4th phrase of Marvel cinematic universe. Now officially the Marvel Cinematic Universe has all the rights on Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantastic Four and many other characters which are previously owned by a fox. Director Joe Russo knows how to increase the level of excitement among the fans, and he is doing it like a pro. He is teasing fans like never before. Previously in an interview, Joe revealed that if he got a chance to work on an X-men character, it would surely be Wolverine.

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Now in an interview, the filmmaker has revealed that he got a chance to work on Wolverine, he would like to see Wolverine taking on Thanos the most potent Villain in the MCU history. Last time in the starting few scenes of Infinity war we have seen Thanos taking on the big green man, and the green superhero was failed to take down the Mad Titan. However, Russo Brother wants to see Wolverine fight, Thanos.

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While having an interview with IGN’s Up At Noon show made Joe play a “what if” game where he was asked which X-Men character would Joe save from Thanos’ snap. He said, “I’d love to see a fiercely motivated Wolverine going up against Thanos.”
“It’s not our job to give the people what they want, and it’s to give them what they need.” Imagine the emotions piled up in Wolverine when he would meet Thanos, and they wage war. He added in his statement.

After this interview, every MCU fan is going crazy to know what will happen if Wolverine takes on Thanos hand to hand