“Amber Heard” Wants “Johnny Depp” To Attend Mental Health Evaluation

It looks like the discord which ensued between the ex-couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has gone to a greater extent. The Aqua man fame Amber Heard, penned down an article in The Washington Post, affirming that she had been subjected to domestic violence. The celebrity couple was divorced in 2016. But Depp maintains his cool and acts as if nothing had happened between them. Heard says that this is because of his mental wavering and forgetfulness.

"Amber Heard" Wants "Johnny Depp" To Attend Mental Health Evaluation!!!

” This is a defamation case in which Mr.Depp does not allege that he has any mental disorder,” said Depp’s attorney. He said that this is to tarnish the actor’s international reputation. He also indicated that Heard’s strategy of blaming a victim’s mental health is an old and worn-out tactic.

But amber opens up that, “johnny’s relationship with reality oscillates, depending upon his interaction with alcohol and drugs. as johnny’s paranoia, delusions and AGGRESSION increased throughout our relationship, so has my awareness of his continued substance abuse”.

She complains of Depp’s addiction to drugs as a reason for his wild and frantic behavior. She also demanded an IME ( Independent Mental Evaluation) to examine Depp’s mental stability. Heard’s advocate has appealed for the IME approved by the Virginia judge, and recently the petition has been approved. ” DEPP’S MENTAL CONDITIONS IN COMBINATION WITH HIS RAMPANT USE OF ALCOHOL AND DRUGS WERE INEXTICABLY INTERTWINED WITH THE ABUSE I SUFFERED AT HIS HAND”.

But on the other hand, Depp accuses that it was he who underwent mental and physical trauma because of their marriage. He also said that Amber Heard had stuffed a cigarette in his forehead and pierced his fingers with a wine bottle, and he only tried to calm her down. The case continues with both parties accusing each other.