Apple announcement of iPhone 11, What’s new? Different from other old iphone

Last year, around this time, Apple released the successors of iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR. These upgraded versions have got the best review regarding its security aspects and stylish body.

As technology goes by, everything is about ‘What’s NEXT?’. There is always something better to give to customers. Apple.INC has finally sent out invitations for its annual iPhone event held on 10th September 2019. The launch of its next iPhone 11 is most likely to be released on this event. The company has always surprised us with its astonishing launches every year. This year the iPhone 11 is all set to hit the market.

However, Apple has not explicitly announced its new launch, and it is widely expected to introduce three new phone models. Rumors have that two of these models would be featuring Apple’s first triple camera system on the rear of the phone. Another rumor suggests that these new models could support a bidirectional wireless charging system. Upgraded battery life, improved Face ID Biometric Security and the new shatter resistance technology may also be in the  ‘upgrade list.’

Launch of Next iPhone 11 ????

What is new about the iPhone 11?

It is pretty unlikely for Apple to focus on a single category of products. Last year, it announced  Apple Watch Series 4 as well as the software update for HomePod, alongside which they introduced the latest iPhone models.

Rumors also tell that Apple might be launching an all-new 16-inch Mac Book Pro, which is an update to its existing non-Touch bar 13-inch model. Along with a new iPad and iPad Pro.

There are a few chances of Apple not choosing to reveal all their range of services in the current product they are launching. Well, as far as reports recommend, it is quite likely for the company to introduce the world to their new titanium and ceramic cases for Apple Watches.