Where is Christopher Nolan’s Tenet taking the audiences, Release Date, Plot & Cast

With the beginning of 2019, Nolan’s fans around the globe would be wondering, where is Nolan? When will they hear about his next movie and what is it going to be? These are some questions whose answers, and every Nolan fan would love to know.

What is Christopher Nolan’s next project?

Warner Bros announced on 22nd May that Nolan’s new film had begun its production and the movie is slated for a release on 17 July 2020. The film is titled, Tenet. It is being shot on location across seven countries using both IMAX and 70mm film. T

he creative crew on Tenet includes director of photography Van Hoytema, production designer Crowley, editor Jennifer Lame, costume designer Crowley, editor Jennifer Kurland, visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson and, to everyone’s surprise, composer Ludwig Goransson (Black Panther Oscar winner).

Where is Christopher Nolan taking the audiences next?

Nolan has also hired a new editor, Jennifer Lame, who last worked on the horror hit, Hereditary. This is a big deal since Nolan has worked with the Australian editor Lee Smith on all his movies since 2005. There are no hard feelings between the two, as Smith is currently working on World War I epic 1917.

The script is penned by Nolan himself and is producing it with his wife and producing partner Emma Thomas.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Dimple Kapadia, and Clemence Poesy have joined the already announced cast: John David Washington, Elizabeth Debicki, and Robert Pattinson. This means three Harry Potter co-actors have joined Nolan’s film so far. John David Washington will play the lead role in the movie. His lead role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman led him several prestigious awards and brought him into a lot of limelight.

Michael Caine and Branagh also featured in 2017’s Dunkirk, which nabbed Nolan his first Oscar nomination in the direction category. Dunkirk was nominated for eight Oscars in 2018 including Best Picture and won three- for Film Editing, Sound Editing, and Sound Mixing. The Tenet cast includes a mix of new and returning collaborators with Caine being the most frequent of all, having co-starred in all his films since Batman Begins.

Where is Christopher Nolan taking the audiences next?

In an interview with USA Today in April, Pattinson said he’s been “sworn to secrecy” in terms of the details of the plot. He further told, “I got locked in a room to read the script.” Nolan movies are always wrapped in a mystery, until the first press releases and trailer is out, giving a hint on what to expect. Even films like his Batman trilogy, based on already existing characters, or Dunkirk, based on a true story, are unique in its presentation. This is what makes Nolan’s films so exciting and long awaited.

The title of the film, Tenet, is a palindrome. This isn’t a huge revelation, but keeping in mind Nolan’s obsession with time, this can play a part in the plot of the film.

Some sources have described the movie as a massive action blockbuster that has shades of Inception and evolving around the world of international espionage.  No more details about the plot are known, it’s quite obvious as it is a Nolan film.

Has Christopher Nolan completed filimg Tenet?

Days ago, an impressive new poster of Tenet surfaced on the internet despite no confirmation from Warner Bros. Many Twitter users have claimed it to be legitimate, though many others have said it to be a fake. The poster hints at some time travel elements to the film. It also teases a 2020 date. Legitimate or not, in either way, we are extremely excited about what comes next in Nolan’s Tenet.

Everyone is eagerly waiting to watch a new Nolan movie, no matter the genre; it doesn’t need to be a sequel or adaption, it will unwrap a new mystery and will prove to be a great film. It’s also because of a remarkable track record of movies with outstanding qualities and reputation for doing things differently, far away from expectations. Watching Nolan movies, again and again, doesn’t make the film better but it gives you an insight into the minor details. Even with sparse information about Nolan’s new film, Tenet, it already sounds astounding.