Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek Will be ‘R rated’? Director tells us himself

Star Trek is an evergreen franchise but what will director Quentin Tarantino make and mold of the franchise?

The family-friendly franchise GOES WILD.

Star Trek, a legendary show, that was brought into this world from the time before we most even existed. People flying space ships and fighting in space was such an extraordinary thing to happen!

But coming to today’s time, the director Mr. Quentin Tarantino has other plans for this franchise as his mind for this was to make it an R rated film that means we know what’s there in the show or even what’s coming to us in the upcoming movie by him.

Star Trek "Quentin Tarantino" Will be R rated? Director tells us himself -done

The director has confirmed that the film will contain a lot of profanity-laced dialogue in the movie that he is going to make and that he was looking up to make this movie since a long time, like since 2017 but has got the chance now to write and direct the film.

Will old be gold in this Star Trek?

The director has promised us that the movie will be gripping and excellent compared to the previous ones. We are hoping he is telling us the truth cause Star Trek has lived up all these years. It is a legendary series throughout time.

He also said that the script is ready and the few final changes are left before the shooting of the film starts. We hope that the audience will like this new drive towards Star Trek. It has been a part of many people, right from the days of their childhood.