Get ready for a must watch movie Good boys this weekend

Directed by Gene Stupnitsky

Produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg also have a good investment in this, Lee Eisenberg and as well as James Weaver

It is just a movie of 1Hr 29 mins and full of adventure and comedy it started when 12-year-old Max invited to his fellows in his first kissing party, and he is panicking as he doesn’t know how to kiss. Max and his friends make a plan to get Max’s father’s drone which is not allowed to max then also max, and his friends decided that they placed that drone in its place before max’s father reach home.

Max and his friends were getting the drone to spy a teenage couple who is making out on a next-door but as things are going in the wrong and the upset way the drone destroyed and max and his all friends become desperate to replace that drone before his father gets home.

They all started worrying about how they will replace that destroyed drone and how they will get money to buy another drone of the same kind, and in this worrying, they all ditch their school and get caught in an epic journey while accidentally carrying stolen drugs, frat house paintball and teenage girls have hunted them

And all the way they were escaping from cops as they had taken drugs. Which is a massive crime, and they were busy in trying to get home from a long-awaited party, and this is how the movie goes from adventure to a severe threat. They were the sixth-grade boys they don’t know anything, and unknowingly they got trapped in a serious crime which is screened in a very captivating way, and the teenage girls also give a spark to the movie, this movie is a perfect mixture of comedy, adventure, and drama.