Dave Bautista confirmed to join DC Comics & This is why we believe it’s true`

Rumors have it for long that Dave Bautista may have landed a role in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2. There are no confirmations on the rumors yet.  The speculations got even more prominent when on Tuesday, a Twitter fan suggested he would be the right choice for Bane, to which he responded, “I accept.” Bautista has already won people’s heart with his role Drax The Destroyer in Guardians of GalaxySuicide Squad had created a lot of buzzes when it came out in 2016, and so has its upcoming sequel. Warner Bros confirmed its release date to be August 6, 2021.

Dave Bautista in Marvel and DC

Bautista is a good friend of James Gunn. He has been a great supporter of him during Gunn’s controversy with Disney. Bautista stood by him throughout when he was fired after some old tweet of his resurfaced last summer. Thus there are great chances of him being featured in the film.

Dave Bautista to play in DC Comics? Hints Dave by responding to tweet!

Though it’s still unknown which character Dave could be playing, Bane can be a good fit for him. The American wrestler turned actor has a good resemblance of the bulky and huge Bane. The actor is also a good fit for several other characters like Blockbuster, Clayman, Hawkman. Unfortunately, it is not sure whether Bane will appear in the movie. However, if he does, it will be a treat for his fans to see him the role.

What Character will Dave Bautista in DCEU?

DC comics just like the Marvel Comics have brought a lot of their characters on the big screen. Though both DCEU and Marvel are rivals, Marvel doesn’t restrict its actors to work in other films. DCEU which is a subsidiary of Warner Bros has been in production since 2011. Some of their hit superhero films include Batman vs. Superman(2016), Suicide Squad (2016), Aquaman(2018) and Wonder Woman (2017).