Could Disney’s Frozen 2 become most Successful Animated movie ever?

After the big success of its prequel, Frozen 2 is all set to hit the theaters this year in November. The much-anticipated movie has had all the fans waiting for the trailer release for long. The sequel to the 2013-hit Frozen, the highest-grossing animated film of all time, has geared up enough expectations among the fans.

What’s the story of Frozen 2?

The frozen franchise is among the ” new era” Disney movies. It is the story of Elsa, the snow prince (she can actually control and manipulate and even make snow) and her younger sister. Back in 2013, we saw how sisterly love helped overcome the insecurities and fears of both the sisters and rise above all. But what to expect this time? Surely fans have already set the bars a lot higher this time (which was inevitable).

Frozen 2

In the trailer release of Frozen 2, sisters Elsa and Anna were seen to be gearing up for new adventures as they head out on a journey to find answers about Elsa’s magical powers

The cast remains the same with Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf. Evan Rachel Wood and Sterling K Brown will also be featuring in the film; however, their characters have not been named yet.

Frozen 2

Disney surely knows how to keep the fire within the fans lightened up, and hence the released a teaser trailer in February(becoming the most watched animated trailer of all time within 24 hours) and the trailer in June. In the trailer of Frozen 2, sisters Anna and Elsa were seen to be gearing up for some new adventures as they head out on a journey to find answers about Elsa’s magical powers.

Now the question is will Frozen franchise remain frozen in its position or will Elsa’s magic fail and the expectations will melt like ice cream. All answers are hiding in November.