Latest Rockstar rumors suggest GTA 6 and Bully 2 are just around the corner

It looks like two most awaited games are about to be announced by Rockstar games!
One of the most controversial but best games that have been produced to date is The Grand Theft Auto Series. Although GTA games seem to be improving consistently, GTA 6 is nowhere in sight yet. It has been predicted that GTA 6 would be released in late 2020. Since GTA V is considered one of the best-selling games of all time, a higher expectation has been anticipated from the upcoming GTA 6.


Unlike other game series, GTA 6 is known for the introduction of new characters along with their storylines. The customization of the characters or players being able to develop their online characters will definitely be encouraged.
Every time GTA series comes back with a new city of US. They are mostly based on absolute and highly features real location details in the city. Likewise, the expectation of exploring new characters and a new city altogether outside the US isn’t out of the question!

With so much attention being exerted on GTA and even Red Dead Redemption series, potential release of Bully 2 wasn’t much hopeful. An action-oriented adventure around the town of Bullworth might be an undiscovered entity to some. Again, a controversial yet long-rumored game that is appeared to be ahead of its time reported is making its mark in the headlines. Some interesting developments confirmed the scenes with mild violent roles and profanity, which certainly describes the casting call of Bully 2. The next big release of the Rockstar games is after all, quite real. Bully 2 is being reported to get into the field sometime in late 2020.

Although there’s been no official word of Bully 2 from Rockstar games at the moment of publishing, yet rumors have been kicking around about this sequel. If these rumors fit right into the box, then this Rockstar game is coming back via PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox.