Is the upcoming Watch Dogs Legions based on Brexit, 2020 release date, plot & everthing you need to know

Third installment of action -adventure game from series of Watch Dogs is set to release on March 6th, 2020. The third installment has been named “Watch Dogs Legions” which will be released on Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows and Playstation4.

The game developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft has recently made onto BBC as its relieved that recent installment highlights reason of existence and supporting of BREXIT. Panelist in the show however in BBC’s Political Live Show today suggested that the game doesn’t exactly offer a flattering portrayal of near-future London, in fact, it puts forward the London that’s gone to the dogs.

What is Watch Dogs Legions all about?

Clint Hocking on BBC insisted “Brexit in our game is not the cause of the problems we’re depicting in the game world” he further added “The causes of Brexit are the causes of the problems in our world.

Ready for action- adventure with Watch Dog: Legions in 2020? What does it have to do with BREXIT?

That’s really how we address it.” .The segment had begun with showing interview were in Legion’s creative director talked about settling on the location of BREXIT for 1.5 years of duration spend on development, claiming it as an excuse for BREXIT in game. He also acknowledged his fear of game possibly being under heavy criticism or pegging some controversy at least.

When is Watch Dogs Legions coming out?

The game which became sky- high with its first sequel in 2016 has no main characters else than one recruited by the user/player. The city is beautiful with people having, jobs, families; friends and full life outside the brief. The people are sometimes seen on the street. The main character to which a person is approaching needs to be convinced (those people walking on the road.

It sees character movement and has things going on in the main storyline. Wise selection while choosing a character, investing in them, understanding and solving their problems and welcoming to the team is personal to them also the key to keep on going in the game.