Destroy all Humans Remake is coming to us soon! Announced at E3 2019

There is excellent news for the people who have been longing to play the new remake of, destroy all humans as we finally have announcements.

Old Classic Gets A Makeover:

The game last released in the year of 2005 and it was an action-adventure paced game based for the legendary PS2 (PlayStation 2) and its competitor the original Xbox. Since then, THQ Nordic has worked hard, putting in hours of development and research for the remake of destroying all humans.

The game developers had announced that the game would be released on the Ps4, Xbox One, and PC and it would be breath-taking as the graphics have been updated for its time, delivering to its customers a game they wouldn’t take their hands off.

New Beginnings for The Classic Destroy All Humans:

Destroy all Humans Remake

At the 2019 E3, the game developers had revealed the remake by showing the audience a trailer of the new and updated game, making the fans happy and nostalgic over a game that’s as old as a decade. Thus, proving the game destroy all humans still has a huge fan following.

The remake of destroying all humans adapts itself from the old classic which means that the story remains the same and Crypto would yet again come to earth to tinker with its life forms and start showing his menace across the world destroying anything and everything that happens in his path.

For now, there have been no updates on when and how the game is going to be hitting the stores, but all that we do have in mind is that this game is going to be breathtaking and stunning, not leaving out any details to what makes this game a real classic.