Apex Legends season 3 New map, Date , here everything you need to know

Apex Legends season 3 is now live. The dubbed Meltdown started on Tuesday. The game Battle Royale is now with new cool features.

The game has a new map called World’s Edge, a new weapon and another Legend that could have great potential as a game-changer.

Apex Legend season 2 was introduced in July. It had a lot of high expectations. Though it was good, it came with its highs and lows. The game had a default three-player team mode until a solo option was introduced. Though some weren’t happy about the inclusion of new loot boxes, this new addition sparked inevitable backlashes from the Apex Legends community. In return, the development team at Respawn Entertainment fired back, and later the developer apologized for the team’s actions.

What is new about season 3?

The players have a slew of new content with recent changes. Unlike the earlier seasons, the players will not have to learn the new map, and they’ll have to mix in all the other updates to win.

Apex Legends season 3 started on Oct. 1 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Respawn Entertainment revealed the announcement date in early September. Well, now they have officially introduced a new character called Crypto.

As of info on the new character, Crypto is the 10th Legend in the roster. On Crypto’s character page, he’s labeled as a “surveillance expert” and for a good reason. His tactical ability is Surveillance Drone. The Drone begins to scope out other teams and shares the information with Crypto’s team. It shares via passive ability Neurolink.

A few days after the reveal, the Apex Legends Twitter account had multiple tweets shows someone hacking a computer system. Fails one time and the other time succeeds.

It also shows a cryptic message. In the beginning, it seems unrelated to the story but words in the news. It gives some insight into Crypto’s motivation for joining the Apex Games.