WHAT!! Chris Hemsworth hit Tom Hiddlestone in the face during Avengers shooting

Chris Hemsworth (Thor)and Tom Hiddleston (Loki), the Asgardian brothers in the Marvel universe, seem to have to lose their shit to portray their on-screen relationship.

While discussing the fight chemistry with Hemsworth in the intense Marvel action scenes compared to a battle scene on the stage, the British actor spoke about the genuine punch from his co-star Hemsworth while filming a fight scene for Avengers.

“Fighting Chris Hemsworth, you’re going to lose, let’s face it. On film, it’s all about angles when you’re fighting. So you’re trying to get the angles of the different parts of the choreography to tell the story, but you only have to do it once.” 

The horns of Loki weighs 30 pounds. One scene was shot where Loki had to strike across the face, and it took a lot for Tom Hiddlestone to sustain that smack. Anyway, he looks up to Chris due to his strength and pretty sure after he went down like a stone having that punch in the face by Chris. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the Broadway artist explained the theory behind the fight scenes choreography in Avengers.

As per the comic book stories and Marvel movies as well, these two warring brothers reflect quite a complicated relationship. Thor has been presented as the “good brother,” whereas Loki was the “bad brother.”

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Since Thor has always tried to push Loki to be better and at times took irrational decisions because of his emotions to save his brother; Power hunger Loki looked out for his own and most of the time used that at as an advantage to achieve his own mischievous. But when it comes to their brotherhood, Thor and Loki have very much looked at each other in a familial way. Sometimes actors have to believe in the characters themselves in order to make that scenes more believable. Apparently, it was something of that sort!