What!!! Beyonce’s fans socially bullied Nicole Curran, But why did they do that

A video released by Twitter suddenly became viral with over 15 million views where  Nicole Curran was seen to be ignoring Beyonce’s presence and talking to Jay-Z instead. She faced a social condemnation from Beyonce’s fan that she had to shut down her Instagram account.

We are well aware of the crazy fan list of Beyonce, the American singer, and actor. But this time the craze of fans for their star turned out to be a cyber Bully for Ms. Curran.ESPN uploaded a short video clip of the Golden State Warriors game against Toronto Raptors which was attended by Beyonce along with her husband Jay Z with Curran and her husband, the owner of Warriors’ Joe Lacob sitting right beside the couple. The clip witnessed something which stormed the fans with anger and hatred for Curran.

Beyonce’s fans socially bullied Nicole Curran!!

What made the fans go crazy?

In the clip, Beyonce seemed to quite cheerful, but soon her elation faded after Curran started talking to Jay-Z completely ignoring her presence. After this clip was released on Twitter, fans of Beyonce began to trolling Curran for invading the personal space of their “Queen.”The so-called “Beyhive” trolled Curran’s Instagram account with a lot of negative comments on how can she dare to ignore their “Queen” and talking of her audacity to do something like that. Curran even received some severe threats from the fans. With the comments and emojis flooding, Curran’s Instagram account forced her to delete it.

Beyonce’s fans socially bullied Nicole Curran!!

Curran left with tears!

After the admonishment faced by Curran, she was completely shattered and had no option but was left with tears. In her defense, she highlighted the fact that she wasn’t ignoring Beyonce but was asking them for a drink. She was leaning towards Jay Z because of the noise from the crowd. Although Beyonce and her husband hadn’t commented on this yet, their publicist wrote on Instagram-” I also want to speak here the beautiful BeyHive.I know your love runs deep, but that love has to be given to every human. It will bring no joy to the person you love so much if you spew hate in her name.”

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