The Missing Remains of ‘Alabama’ Woman “Aniah Blanchard”, 19 was believed found & third suspect arrested!!!

 A new disclose was reported about the missing case of 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard by the Authorities in Alabama as they believe human remains found on a county road belong to the stepdaughter of UFC heavyweight fighter Walt Harris. Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes told The Associated Press as they found in the neighboring Macon County, which made the authorities have “good reason to believe” during their investigation that those are the lost Blanchard, which was last seen on Oct. 23.

“A complete investigation is underway by ALEA [the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency] and Auburn Police to determine the identity and how the victim came to be at that location. The examination will explore if the remains are those of Aniah Blanchard,” Auburn police told WSFA.

 The Missing Remains of 'Alabama' Woman "Aniah Blanchard", 19 was believed found & third suspect arrested!!!

A new twist has come in broad light as Harris’s stepdaughter was last caught in video surveillance of a convenience store that was not far from her home in Auburn. Police, at an apartment complex in Montgomery, i.e. 55 miles away, found a damaged black  2017 Honda CR-V containing some blood. Later the Auburn police detective Josh Mixon mentioned the blood in the car was Blanchard and seems like she was being suffered a life-threatening injury.


Even police have arrested two suspects, with the respect of Blanchard’s disappearance, Ibraheem Yazee and Antwain Shamar Fisher of age 29 and 35 years old respectfully.

The detective of  Auburn police, Mixon, put the store video footage as a piece of evidence containing a man that was recognized as Yazeed, who was caught looking over at Blanchard while buying a beverage. Even a man at the store told the investigators he saw Yazeed forcing her into her car and drive away.

 The Missing Remains of 'Alabama' Woman "Aniah Blanchard", 19 was believed found & third suspect arrested!!!

On Monday, an arrest warrant was filed against Fisher, the second suspect who helped the former in getting rid of the evidence and help him with the drive. Not only that, they even arrested the third suspect,  David Johnson Jr., charged with the hindering prosecution in the case.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.