The Masked Singer season 2 is coming up and we still don’t know every singer yet.

Have you ever heard about a platform where you see a bunch of really great singer coming on stage to show their talents? Common, right. Well, this show is a whole lot different as compared to any other reality shows out there. Its name is “Masked Singer.” It’s season 2 is coming up, which has heated all of the neighborhood.


Masked Singer is a show in which top singing names go on stage and face off each other with the talent of singing that they possess. But the catch is they cannot show their faces while their performance and have to wear a mask on their face. A full-body costume accommodates the face mask, and a non-specialist can’t predict who is who.
Now for season two, the predictions are ongoing, and the internet is going crazy over it. The show includes some notable characters which are named to a whole new level. These are Egg, Ice Cream, the Tree, the skeleton, the Flamingo, the Butterfly, the Rottweiler, the Ladybug, and the Thingamajig.

Some other characters, like the Black Widow and the Leopard, are going to continue in the upcoming week. The identity of these people is yet to be revealed. This will only happen when they are eliminated from the competition. People think that the Flamingo is none other than Adrienne Bailon Houghton. She is one of co-hosts of the show, “The Real.” Theories also suggest that the Ladybug is one of the Kardashian, or even the name of Miley Cyrus has also surfaced.


It is also being said and rumored that the Thingamajig is Stephen Curry. The name was not pre-planned, and they had to come up with some names through the clues. Bruno Mars is also stated to come on the stage, taking the name The Rottweiler. “I touched the pigskin under the Friday night lights,” said the Rottweiler while giving the clues up.

Dana Carvey, Christopher Melanie, and Stephen King, all are rumored to play The Skeleton. The person uses the word, “Party on” while getting on stage many a time. The people are attached to the clues of the show and scratching their heads over the revelation of the characters.