Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown & Noah Schnapps – Couple or BFF?

American actors, Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapps are close! There is no denying to that. Millie and Noah have been best friends since the release of ‘Stranger Things’ season 1. Their Instagram accounts are flooded with their pictures and not just the sane ones! Their craziness adds a special spice to their friendship. Millie and Noah might have a brother-sister relationship on the show, and their closeness indicates a successful conversion of that bond on-screen.


Clearly, there are rumors about Millie and Noah been dating yet there is no disclosure on the reason of them being close, apart from their fantastic friendship. After their off-screen romance while dancing in a wild party went viral, many of their admirers speculated them to be a perfect match!
Are they dating? 


More recently, the castmates Noah and Millie together appeared in Calvin Kevin fashion and Emmys. Their closeness was reflected in those pictures that made the fans anticipate of them being together. They had tried being shipped in 2017 when Millie was asked to kiss Noah during their live stream, and they reacted strangely. It is pretty evident that the fans want to see them taking their friendship to the next level.
Apparently, it’s been rumored that talented American singer Jacob broke up with Brown because of her closeness with Noah, although that wasn’t the case. Millie has openly talked about her true friendship with Noah in the past. Once Millie mentioned him, “the greatest friend a girl could ask for.” In fact, last year Brown posted a video on Instagram and captioned it, “Nights like these get me crazy hahaha #friendshipgoals.” 

Recently, they took a BFF Challenge on Noah’s Youtube channel. In the game, each individual has to guess their friend’s answer to the specific question. Millie, 15 and Noah, 14 had a fun round which is good enough to crack you up. Dating or not, this iconic friendship, however, is 100% the type we wish we’d had at their age!

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