Shaquille O’Neal and his ex-wife Shaunie get back together for their kids

Kids can do wonders at times! After 10 years of separation with ex-wife Shaunie, the American TV personality and entrepreneur, Shaquille O’Neal figuring out ways to re-ignite the spark among them.

Shaq and Shaunie had a mysterious start. Their first date or the age of their meet, even their first glance together is completely unknown to media. The facts say Shaunie being proposed by Shaquille O’Neal in 2000, after dating for three years. Before Shaunie came into his life, Shaq already had a daughter, Taahirah with a woman, Arnetta Yarbourgh and a son, Myles from his previous relationship as well. The couple, Shaquille O’Neal and Shaunie kissed at their wedding in 2002, after having two babies.

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After 9 years of being married to each other, they filed a divorce on Sep 4, 2007. Apparently, charming Shaq wasn’t a good husband to his ex-wife Shanie. Shaunie had to hire a private detective as well to track her husband’s moves, although she herself was alleged with extra-marital affairs later. Although they got themselves quite into a messy public break-up, they promised to stay faithful to their children. Knowing that separation can create a huge negative impact on children, they decided to coordinate and share parenting responsibilities of their children.

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Disagreements on both sides kept them separated for such a long time. With years of bond between them as parents, they realized their love for each other. This budding romance recreated a space for reconciling that made Shaq goes crazy. Flirty text messages and showering of presents on Shaunie clearly project his interest towards her. Even Shaunie didn’t shy away from displaying her affection towards Shaq by clicking cozy pictures together.

The reconciling of these two hearts have been possible only because of their kids. Their parenting relationship results in an exponential acceleration towards them being together again. As time flew by, people grew apart, but Shaq and Shaunie presented a different story to us! Hope to see them happier soon!