Selena Gomez visited her old Memory Lane

Selena Gomez ate alone in the school in her lunchtime. Yes, you read it right. Selena Gomez to equip Re from a studio revisited her middle school she met her mentors from her teenage life. Selena also shot an exclusive video from her visit.
Selena talked about her old days’ of student life in the video. The social media platform queen with the number ranging from 156 Million Instagram followers and a worldwide sensation in the Music Industry, Selena Gomez is a must-heard name.


Selena recently disclosed that she was not the popular girl in the school. Mansfield ISD shared the video. The video shows Selena visiting her old school, Danny Jones Middle School. The singer took her best friend along for the activity. There, she met the teaching staff and the new young faces of the students.

“I think it’s also important to make sure you’re kind to someone. If you see them eating alone — like I did while I was here — say ‘Hi’ and encourage them in their school work and know that anything’s possible,” Selena said. In the most part, she told the students to be humble to others and be kind to others.


Former basketball coach Stephani Gray also talked in the video and told about the nature of the young Selena. “As a student, Selena was so humble, and she was kind. She had a kind, soft spirit. Hard, hard worker. Real humble. Just an elegant kid.”
“She said, ‘Oh I’m just going to be in a little Disney film.’ I said, ‘Oh. OK.’ Because sometimes middle school kids exaggerate,” Stephani said.

Green T-shirt and denim shorts made the look of the teenage and gave the vibe too. Selena is still a down-to-earth person, and that relieves everyone in her team and her close family and friends. We again haven’t heard from Selena’s side regarding her new music album, but we can wait for it, as long as it’s coming.

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