Selena Gomez said, “Depression was the scariest part of my life”, Who’s she targeting

Depression is that part of life that is very much same as to like a disease that can affect the outer body. And none other than, Selena Gomez, can tell you a lot about it and how it can bring upon destruction to yourself.
Selena received the 2019 McLean Award at the McLean Hospital Annual Dinner. She gave a persuasive acceptance speech. Selena opened up about her mental health struggles in her statement that made everyone in the audience take a gasp.

“I think that we are better when we tell truth and so this is my truth,” Gomez shared in a video later posted on social media. “Last year, I was suffering mentally and emotionally, and I wasn’t able to stay all kept up and together. I wasn’t able to keep a smile or to keep things looking normal. It felt like all of my pain and my anxiety washed over me all at once, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life,” she said.



She told about the anxiety and depression when mixed is a great deal to keep cop-up with. “I sought support, and the doctors were able to give me a clear diagnosis,” Gomez shared on stage. “The moment I received that information, I felt equal parts of terrified and relieved. Terrified because that veil was lifted, but relieved that I finally knew why I had suffered for so many years with depression and anxiety,” she continued.

“I’ve never met you, but every time you do something like this it makes me better,” fans commented on the remarks that Selena made.
Some day ago, Selena also shared a photo of herself from her studio that is all pointing to her comeback with a lot of songs.