Russo Brother release an unseen clip of Chris Evans aka Captain America

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is one of the movies that will be talked and praised about for many more decades to come. It brings a grand finale to the ‘Infinity Saga’ in phase III of the MCU. It has been quite a while since the whole Endgame craze. The brothers Joe and Anthony Russo surely did nail this movie. The re-released version of Endgame included additional post-credit scenes and extended scenes.

We are still unable to accept fact that a few of our favorite characters will be gone forever.  However, we are excited as the MCU is setting foot into its phase IV. To the excitement of the fans, the Russo brothers have recently released an unseen clip of Chris Evans aka Captain America.

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Don’t sleep on Old Cap in your next Fantasy draft…

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The character of Steve Rogers has been on the MCU for quite a long time now. We can never forget the effect Chris Evans had on the fans as Captain American (Steve Rogers). As we all know, Steve Rogers travels back in time and lives his life the way he wanted.  He gets married in the past to his lady love Peggy Carter and returns as an older man. He gives his shield to The Falcon (Sam Wilson) played by Anthony Mackie. This emotional scene made the audience tear up and left them speechless as they had to bid farewell to this iconic character.

What happens in the clip?

In the clip that the directors have shared on their Instagram page, we can see Chris Evans as an older man running and playing around the set. It shows Chris Evans trying to throw something into the lake and happily, running around. This clip made the audience cheer up. It made them get back from the sad memories of Steve Rogers.